Works of Tolkien scholarship

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Post by Amarië Fri Jul 26, 2019 4:35 pm

Hear hear! I second, err.. I fourth what's been said above. cheers


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Works of Tolkien scholarship - Page 5 Empty Re: Works of Tolkien scholarship

Post by Eldy Mon Jul 29, 2019 5:19 am

halfwise wrote:To commence the end of beating this horse, I'd like to switch to an open letter to Eldy.

Eldy - I know you are committed to to writing a scholarly article, but with the new Amazon series coming out, I think you can open your sights to a wider audience.  There would be a market for a book along the lines of The Peoples of the Second Age, with your historical analysis of all the different cultures available to the series.  Your writing is very accessible and a joy to read for anyone who has interest in Tolkien.  I think you could get a couple articles published in scholarly journals to establish your credentials as you work on the book for the wider audience. And the standards are not as confining as scholarly work: you don't have to reference every sentence! (in fact you don't want to).

With the TV series due to come out in a couple years and run for five, you've got time to nail the second or third season.  The publisher would slap some image from the series on it and it would sell like hotcakes.  I'd certainly buy the damn thing even if I didn't know you.

Wow, halfy, thank you. I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner; I was out of town attending an anime convention this weekend (a very Tolkien-scholarly pastime, to be sure). I'm honored and touched that you'd even suggest this as a possibility. One of my biggest concerns about my writing is that it's not accessible enough, so it means a lot to know that people in this thread find it so.

The scholarly article is indeed my ... "priority" might be a strong word at this point since I've been working on a number of non-Tolkien projects recently, but it's the Tolkien thing that's most important to me to get to. Beyond that, I don't really have any plans to get more involved in other Tolkien stuff again, though obviously a lot can change in even just the next year or two.

Also, John Garth is amazing and Tolkien and the Great War is a masterpiece of Tolkien scholarship.
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Works of Tolkien scholarship - Page 5 Empty Re: Works of Tolkien scholarship

Post by halfwise Mon Jul 29, 2019 12:55 pm

I haven't read as many Tolkien related books as you have, but your writing flows, it's among the best to read. I know what a PITA writing is, but if you write as the mood takes you - write for yourself and your friends not the world at general, a book will eventually emerge from it all. If you collect all your second age writings you're probably a quarter of the way already.

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