Lord of the Rings rating?

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Post by Tinuviel Wed Oct 23, 2013 8:58 pm

I was really young when I saw the films for the first time, so my long lasting impression of the films has been that they are fantastic. I literally watched them at least once a week. When I heard that they were books first, I couldn't understand how. I read the Hobbit in fourth grade and was very much so hoping to see Legolas in Mirkwood and everyone else from Lord of the Rings. I wasn't heart broken when I didn't, but rather confused as to why they weren't there.
Anyway, when I eventually got to reading the books and understanding them and in conjunction with all the opinions on the forum, I started to see the films as something to be picked apart and analyzed.
So for films in general:
FOTR: 8/10
TT: 7/10
ROTK: 9/10

FOTR: 6/10
TT: 5/10
ROTK: 7/10
I personally don't like the inclusion of Arwen throughout TT, just because it detracts from the main story and the flashbacks were really confusing. I thought Aragorn was really dreaming! It also feels really bare, like so much is missing from it. And Faramir doesn't help.
ROTK I thought was the most faithful to the events that occured in the book, not neccessarily the details. Arguably the whole Shelob bit is different, but essentially everything from the book is in there, if only for a second or so. Scourging would have been another fifteen minutes added on, so I understand why that was taken out...

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Lord of the Rings rating? - Page 3 Empty Re: Lord of the Rings rating?

Post by Mrs Figg Wed Oct 23, 2013 9:42 pm

For me LOTR is a treat, I watch them and all my cynicism flies out the window, I just get caught up with the High Romance and the music and everything. I could watch the Whole EE extravaganza and feel that I probably will never feel so deeply about a film ever again.
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Lord of the Rings rating? - Page 3 Empty Re: Lord of the Rings rating?

Post by RA Wed Oct 30, 2013 10:34 pm

I got my new monitor set up with the nice speakers. Once I get the Blu-ray software, I'll give Lotr another go.

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