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Post by Orwell Thu Sep 23, 2021 9:01 am

This is the benefit of being an Ange fan, I can actually laugh at your banter. I wish I could laugh at so many trad Celtic fans who are such cry babies. Half a new team, half of whom are injured, and they want ┬áChristmas in September! Talk about entitlement. Talk about spoiled. Talk about delusional. You know, I’m actually looking forward just now to Ange going to his next engagement. I see your team is beginning to play a little better. They’ve been a bit dodgy, which is not a good look when you’re said to be the champ. Part of me wants Celtic to improve quicker than reason might allow, and part of me hopes Rangers and Celtic come last this season. What joy for all the other SPL fans that would be. How fantastic for Scottish football all round! You know, it’s an uneasy position for me to be in, to support Old Corporations... ☹

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Post by Pettytyrant101 Tue Sep 28, 2021 3:34 pm

{{ I see the Celtic fans at 'Paradise' booed Ange and the team of the park after they drew 1-1 with Dundee Utd.

Not sure your man is going to get the time needed to turn Celtic round. Interesting comparison with Rangers Manager Gerrard, he was in his third season at Rangers before he managed to win anything, but the fans understood the scale of rebuild that was necessary and gave him the time to make it, and now its coming good.
I dont know if Ange is any good, from what Ive seen he has a style he wants the team to play and he's hell bent on them playing it, problem is when its not working he doesnt seem to have a B plan. }}

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