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Post by Pettytyrant101 Wed Dec 22, 2021 5:21 pm

{{ As a kid among the book series I read were the very British (well very English really) Just William books. Which follow a mischievous boy and his gang as they get into trouble and scrapes with catapults and cricket balls through windows and spend a lot of time imagining they are fighting 'red indians' (they were written in the 40's) or being soldiers or knights or some such and avoiding the attention of horrible 'girls' especially Violet Elizabeth and her catch phrase that she uses whenever the boys won't let her join in their games, that she will "scream and scream till I'm sick!" .
Anyhow today for no reason I could discern as I've never looked up anything Just William related, youtube presented me with a 1947 film called Just Williams Luck. Which rang a bell.
And I think it's probably unique as a film for one reason. You see its not an adaptation of any of the actual books, it just takes the characters and setting and makes up entirely its own story. It was one I read as a child with no idea there ever was a film version till today. But what's unique about is that the Just William author Richmal Crompton was so impressed with the film he wrote the book version a year later.
I can't think of any other film, taken from a book that so impressed the author of the books that he wrote the film into the book series.
It's such an odd thing. Anyhow here's the film if you fancy some gentle, nostalgia for a long gone era, and you can be sure at least it captures the spirit of the books well with the authors glowing seal of approval (though I could do without how the film is scored myself)- }}

Pure Publications, The Tower of Lore and the Former Admin's Office are Reasonably Proud to Present-

A Green And Pleasant Land

Compiled and annotated by Eldy.

- get your copy here for a limited period- free*

*Pure Publications reserves the right to track your usage of this publication, snoop on your home address, go through your bins and sell personal information on to the highest bidder.
Warning may contain Wholesome Tales

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Books! - Page 33 Empty Re: Books!

Post by azriel Fri Apr 01, 2022 1:12 pm

Ive began reading LOTRs again. Ive got a lovely book that has illustrations by Alan Lee. The films are enticing to look at but, the thrill and excitement I felt from reading about Helms Deep, the anticipation of will anyone else come to help was so much more better than any film Smile

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